Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Day 30: I give up!

Don't worry, I am not talking about giving up on the Whole30...I am just giving up on trying to to this post...seriously, I have started and stopped writing it about 10 times...and then I had finalized my day 18-29 post or something, and published it, but it was somehow over-ridden when I logged into Blogger from my phone...ZOINKS!

So instead of re-writing what I have already written, I will just move forward.  That is the name of the game right now.  Just keep moving, just keep moving.  Which I have been doing.

It took me a little while to get my workout regimen started, but I am doing it now.  My precious friends at work and I are doing The 30 Day Shred with Jillian Michaels.  Are you noticing a theme here?

We were supposed to start on Monday, but I wasn't feeling well, so I started yesterday (Tuesday).  I worked out last night while my sweet husband tried to get our kiddos to sleep, and then I did something I don't think I have ever done before...okay, maybe one time...in college...but I didn't inhale...j/k I got up this morning at 6:15 and I worked out!  So my workout for today is already in the books!!!  What was that?  Did I just hear something about a rockstar?    I seriously feel so good.  I didn't think I would be able to do it, but when I went to bed last night I told my husband...no more excuses, when my alarm goes off in the morning I am getting my butt out of bed and doing it.  And I did.  I mean seriously, if I can go 30 days with no sugar, bread, pop, candy, cake, rice, white potatoes, then I can definitely get up an hour early and get a work out in.  It is all about MIND over MATTER...and I am sick of all my MATTER bossing my MIND around.

Also, part of my new-found enthusiasm is coming from another book I am reading.  A precious friend of mine, who is a multiple Whole30 graduate, suggested I read Every Body Matters by Gary Thomas.  And let me just tell you...it is a good thing I bought the e-book because I would have already spent a fortune on high-lighters if I had the paper book.  I have high-lighted something on nearly every page so far.  And the best part about it, it isn't just affecting my work-out life...it is making a difference in my spiritual life.

Don't worry, now that the Whole30 is over, I have another 30 days to discuss what I am doing with my workouts, and what I am learning from Every Body Matters.

Oh, and in case you were wondering about my weight loss...this morning when I stepped on the scale it said 199.  For all you who aren't math-majors out there, that is 11 lbs.  I had lost down to 196...but gained a little bit back.  I am not getting hung up on that...I am rejoicing at the 11 lbs that will never be on my body again!!!   Seriously, in 30 days that is almost 3 lbs a week.  Nothing to sneeze at my friend.  I am proud of myself...but most of all I am proud of the encouragement and motivation that my story has had on others.  People are seeing a difference and asking me what I am doing.  And since I am not a shy person I don't mind telling them...but inside I *might be* thinking...hey, you just told me that I used to be fat...

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