Monday, August 4, 2014

Days 11-14: You didn't think I quit did ya???

Wondering why I haven't been updating on my progress?  Well, don't you worry your pretty little head...I haven't quit.  In fact this weekend was amazing on the plan!  But it was a super full weekend of family/girl time, an emotional and wonderful benefit trail run for the Warrior Princess Foundation, and my first time to visit Sprouts...freeze dried okra may have changed my life, just sayin'.

I got to spend time with my sisters and my Mom this weekend...with NO KIDS, and almost no husbands...Brooke's was there, but only because we were staying at their house. We tried to kick him out...but he wouldn't leave- c'est la vie.  Being kid-less and out of town overnight is a VERY rare event for my older sister Amy and I.  Big thanks to our stellar husbands for taking care of our kiddos so that we could have a great time and to Mom and Brooke letting both Amy and I take a much needed and deserved nap Saturday afternoon.

The main reason we all got together was because my older sister Amy was volunteering at her best friend's trail run.  I wanted to go with to help, visit her friend, and see what a trail run was all about.  I got to assist with the timing and even got a break to be able to do one loop (1.03 miles) of the trail.  And I am HOOKED.  Can't wait to do the run with my husband next year.  Gotta start training!

The scenery was the most beautiful part.  I haven't seen anything like it before here in Oklahoma.  I live where there is flat land, wheat fields, and cow pastures.  I never expected to see enormous rock walls and knotted trees and a such gorgeous display of God's craftsmanship.    I would really love to take my husband and my kids back there so that they can see what an amazing place it was.

This weekend was full of good times and too full to spend with a laptop writing my little heart away.  Glad to reflect on this journey during that little bit of a break.  It is almost half way through the Whole30 and I can totally see this being a lifestyle.

Then on Sunday we went to church and wouldn't you know, God smacked me again with a message that was just for me.  Sorry for those of you who had to sit through it and listen too...hopefully it benefited you as well.  Ha ha.  What does our pastor talk about?  We started a new series called Stand. The main message:  "If you aren't standing out, then you are fitting in".  And what does he talk about?  Oh you know, Daniel, and his fast.  Jigga-what??? got that right.  He talks about food.  And then when I open up my YouVersion Bible App to my Bible Reading Plan for the 21 day fast (started it when there was 21 days left of the Whole 30, but missed reading it this weekend) I start reading day 2 and guess what verses are there for me to read?  You guessed it.   The story of Daniel and the fast.  I just love when God gets to me.  Not only does it reinforce what I am learning, but it helps reconfirm that I am doing just what I am supposed to be doing RIGHT NOW!

Talk about a perfect ending to a perfect weekend!

I must confess...I did inadvertently drink some Gatorade at the race...wasn't even thinking about the sugar, was just thinking about needing something cold and hydrating.  


  1. Love you and your heart I'm so glad you and my bestie got to come be with us at the race. It means so much. I love getting to watch you with God and life! Keep moving and making things happen!

  2. Thank you Chrissy! It was a beautiful day and a beautiful race. So glad that we could be a part of it.