Sunday, January 4, 2015

I forgot how much I love this!

I am dead serious. Not just saying it. I have been eating the the Whole30 for two days and holy non-compliant cannoli I feel great. I have had no heartburn for the first time in a few days. 

So I did something new today that I didn't go during my last Whole30. I made Paleo mayo. If I had known how easy this was I think I would have never bought store mayo. I am not crazy about mayo in the first place, but I needed something to do for dressing tonight for my shrimp and coleslaw salad. So I made up some mayo. Spiced it up, and added some vinegar and a little water to thin it out and used it as salad dressing. 

And it was fantastic. I used the Paleo recipe from the website. And I made it with my hand mixer. My blender is terrible and I don't have a food processor so I made due and it worked great. 

I have been saving jars from spaghetti sauce and salsa which my dear husband hates, but they came in handy for storing the mayo. 

The recipe made about a cup, minus what I used for my salad tonight. I was very impressed with myself. For any of you mayo experts you can come have a taste, since no one else in my house will try it. Mayo haters. Smh.  

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