Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Day 2: Everything is Awesome!

Everything is Awesome. Except black work-coffee.
Black work-coffee IS.NOT.AWESOME.  The only thing that can help work-coffee (and by work-coffee I mean the little bags of coffee that come in a GIANT box that we order once every few months which has little flavor, not much umph, and a seriously questionable amount of caffeine...I digress) is lots and lots of non-plan, dairy-based, sugar-filled yumminess. I pulled up my Big Girl Panties (no-pun intended--it is okay, you can laugh at my fat joke, I did) and drank my coffee black and to be honest I even drank it after it was cold.  And surprisingly I don't want to punch anybody in the face today...yet. Who wants to give me a medal?

Today I am still in the Honeymoon Phase with the Whole30 plan.  I attempted a 21-day Daniel fast in January and only lasted 10 days...but I couldn't have coffee then...or meat...but I digress.

I know that I have this down.  30 days of staying on plan.  (And when it gets hard I will read and read and re-read that sentence and pray and pray and pray that I do have this down, and that I am staying on plan.) 

I am learning so much from the book It Starts with Food.  I knew it would be full of good information, but didn't know it would be so detailed.  I am loving learning about all of the "science-y stuff" because I am a nerd at heart.  *INSERT NERD PICTURE HERE* Oh if I only had a scanned picture of myself from 6th grade...I don't know what is more humiliating...telling my weight, or posting a picture of me  from 6th grade....or a picture of my husband from 6th grade...{{insert evil laugh here}}.

I love learning about the functions in the body and how food effects them.  I am learning so much, and have already become a food judge.  Oh, you thought "natural peanut butter" was a good choice?  Well, let me tell you about what I read about peanuts last night.  ***Sorry to my dear sweet friend who was the recipient of that email---you know who you are.***.  Never mind that I have only read 1/3 of this one nutrition book.  I have seen two documentaries, searched Pinterest for some recipes, and I even had a nutrition class in college.  I am an expert already.  That means I can judge your food choices, because I haven't made any bad food choices in going on 48 hours...{{pulling on my judge rope and pounding my gavel}}.  Oh wait, this isn't about me and how smart I am becoming...Rrrrrright.  This is supposed to be about what this journey is going to do for my body, and mind, and how it can reset my soul to look to God for comfort, and not a box of Reduced Fat Cheese-Its.  Did I fail to mention that?  I let myself get in the way of what God is trying to show me through this, and I need to remember that I am doing it for Him and THROUGH Him, and if I did it all on my own I will fail miserably all the times before.

I haven't discussed that I am  interested in the spiritual side of this body/mind/food thing the most.  I am on the hunt for a Christian based book that talks about this subject...vs. an evolutionary perspective on the subject.  So I went to Facebook and someone suggested Every Body Matters by Gary Thomas.  I will have to check into it some more...but already notice the emphasis put on physical exercise, so I am very excited to learn more and start reading that book next.  Oh and remind me to tell you about then time I did a half-marathon and then gained 20 lbs in two months.   Because everybody knows that if you run/walk 13.1 miles one time you can eat candy bars and chips every day...and it won't matter.  NOT...

First, I need to get through It Starts With Food, especially since I have to learn more about what to eat and not to eat and remember that it is not my place to judge any one's food habits, only my own.

I have made it through most of day 2.  And I know I certainly can't do it all alone.  Thanks for being here with me.

Tomorrow I will talk about who is doing this *with* me.  I need permission first!

Oh, and no need to thank me.  You are now going to have the Lego Movie "Everything is Awesome" song stuck in your head.  All. Day.  Long.

Thank you!  I will be here all week!  Good Night.


  1. YAY! So proud of you! And thanks for the ear worm...

    1. Thanks Betsey. And when you said ear worm I had flashbacks to an episode of the Twilight Zone, or some crazy movie that I saw as a kid where they put an ear worm in someone's ear and put a helmet on their head and died a crazy terrible death...but I am sure that isn't what you meant!!!