Thursday, July 24, 2014

Day 3: Joining this Journey with me is.... darling, adorable, fashionable, make-up loving, perfect-haired, clothes-closet-that-would-make-you-jealous, always-has-the-right-accessory, perfect-selfie-taking, one-year-younger-than-me, LITTLE SISTER, Brooke. Don't worry, I love my wiser, more-competent-mother-than-I-am, two-year-older-sister, Amy, but I will write about her another time.

Aside from our automatic bond because we were basically the same age--being just 14 months apart--(my mother is a saint by the way) my little sister was my built-in best friend.  When my older sister was off with her older friends doing older stuff Brooke and I were home together and we had each other.  We also always shared a room and that just lends itself to being very close...or homicide--obviously we chose close.

Brooke and I have always kind of been about the same size and have similar body types--but I have more muscle so I have always weighed more--should have been a body builder...and we often bounced back and forth at who was "skinnier" or "fluffier".  We shared clothes most of our lives. (And by shared I mean that she would steal my clothes when we were in high school and college...and there were times that I was forced to knock her down and rip my jeans off her front of witnesses... And then when she was single with a disposable income to buy clothes and I only had frumpy Mommy clothes I got from the $2 clearance rack at Wal-Mart I would reap the benefits of wearing her clothes...anyway...I digress.)  

We are both in a place in our lives that we need some serious food fixes.  Eating the way that we have been for so many years has led to being overweight (no, I won't tell you how much she weighs like I did when I told you mine here, but I can tell you it is not nearly as much as I do) suffering from migraine headaches, general lack of energy, and for both of us, serious self-esteem issues.  I just am funnier about my issues, which makes it seem like I don't care, but I do.

Brooke is actually the one who encouraged me to try the Whole30 diet.  She said she was doing it by looking up some stuff on Pinterest. Soooo naturally, I had to find out more about the Whole30, buy the Kindle Book, join the Whole30 Forums and start a blog about it.  But don't worry, we aren't competitive--I just like to be thorough.  So here we are together, day 3 and we are keeping each other accountable.  She even went out to dinner last night...which I don't plan on attempting for a while, and stayed on plan...with the exception of Japanese ketchup...but I should let her blog about that.

Thankfully I am not doing this alone.  I know, I know I am never ALONE...I have Jesus and the Holy Spirit and prayer, but let me just tell you, the Holy Spirit doesn't text you back when you text that you really want a snow-cone and tell you if you eat a snow-cone they will drive from their town to your town and punch you in the baby-maker.  Brooke would...and has.  That is why I love her.  Well, that and all her clothes...and shoes...and purses...and make-up...and hair products...and jewelry...

So here is to my amazing little sister{{insert raised champagne glass not full of champagne because that isn't on the Whole30 plan here}} for doing this with me...and thanks for the friendly competition!

Let me know what you think so far in the Comments section below. Do you want to know more about what I am eating? Do you have specific questions that I can answer from my extensive experience of 3 days on the Whole30 plan and after reading 45% of the book? Or are you just sick and tired of my italics--which are the blog equivalent to the sarcasm font.

And yes, that was a shameless request for validation--so give it to me.


  1. I just found these three posts tonight, and I LOVE them! You are a great writer, keeping it interesting and funny, and I can't wait to follow you for the rest of your 30 days. Good luck Sister!!

    1. Thank you so much Sandy! Hopefully 15 or 20 days in I am still posting funny posts, and not just posts where I whine becausemy husband ate ice cream and I can't.

  2. I totally want to know about the foods that you're eating...I need to check this book out!! I love your blog!!

    1. The foods are simple. Whole fruits, veggies, meat. No dairy, grains, legumes, or sugar--real or artificial.